Prospect Lists + Email Outreach

Our Lead List service combines the targeted prospect list with the outbound email campaign. Using our research-based prospecting methods and measuring email engagement, we order your targeted leads according to how warm the leads are.

  1. Prospects who have replied to your email campaign
  2. Prospects who have opened your email (and converted to your website, if applicable.
  3. Prospects who have received your email but have yet to open it

Read about the various aspects of our lead generation services and prospecting techniques below.




We assist you with your lead generation campaign by building lists of potential clients through using defined research parameters that correspond to your ideal customer.

As part of our business prospecting, we go beyond merely supplying contact information. We provide context for each prospect in an easy-to-read summary, highlighting pertinent information prior to your sales team reaching out.

While the core of our research is done manually, we supplement and maximize results by using proven research tools. All prospect research for the U.S. market is done by researchers based in the U.S.

Already have a lead list that need additional research? We can help you with any part of sales prospecting.


After we build the prospect list for you, we run small-batch, personalized, outbound email campaigns targeted toward specific individuals.  

We consult with you regarding the content your business provides, and our outbound email campaigns are based on your “voice” and writing style. Outbound campaigns reflect your business as the sender, and replies funnel directly into your inbox.

Each email campaign is measurable, and we provide analytics showing data like open rate, website conversions, and other engagement factors. If you wish, we send follow up emails to prospects who do not engage with the initial email. After running multiple campaigns, we inform you which email templates worked the best so you can continue to use them.

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